African Media Association Malta was formed because a young Somali journalist arrived as refugee in Malta in 2014 and wanted to build a network of African journalists and activists in order to shape a valuable representation of African community in Malta. He left the country a year later to try different experiences elsewhere, but his initiative is carried on by a team of dedicated people whose aim is to bringing Africa into the News.

On March 2018, In support to our project aimed at bringing positively Africa into the news through video reporting, we are thankful to the US Embassy Valletta, for its contribution in the acquisition of technical resources. 
 If you would like to pay an active or occasional role with African Media, or for any other reason, please e-mail us at


One year support 2014: EEA Grants NGO Malta Programme   2009  –  2015.

US Embassy Valletta, for the 2018 Video reporting project.