Solidarity March with migrants

A solidarity march has been organised on the 22nd of January 2017 by a group of Associations working in favor of better life conditions for migrants, specifically to question the decision taken by the Prime Minister recently to revoke the Temporary Humanitarian Protection new (THPn) permit, granted to some migrants who have failed to be recognized as refugees.

The coordinator of the march is Dr Colin Calleja, lecturer at the University of Malta.
Below is a copy of the text calling for the march.

“On the 22nd January 2017, a group of concerned citizens is organizing a walk of solidarity with migrants, in particular those who have a Temporary Humanitarian Protection (New) status.  Following an appeal to the Prime Minister and to the Minister for Home Affairs and National Security to reconsider their decision to withdraw the THPn status to a number of immigrants made by academics, hundreds of Maltese and non-Maltese individuals and several organisations. we are now calling on all those who are concerned about this decision to join us and show solidarity with the migrant community.

 We would therefore like to invite you to join us in this silent walk in solidarity with a group that is at present suffering anxiety and fear due to this decision. The Walk in Solidarity with Migrants will start at 5:00 pm from St Julian’s, next to the LOVE MONUMENT and proceed to Balluta Bay where the crowd will be addressed by a number of individuals. We encourage everyone to bring a candle.

 We thank you and trust that you will favorably consider this invitation.”

 Dr Colin Calleja

Head of Department for Inclusion and Access to Learning. European coordinator for the  Let Me Learn Process


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