Scissors that cost 18 euros

scissors were sold 18€ to a Nigerian hairdresser by the owner of the business she took over

Rose is a Nigerian woman, mother of a 5 years old boy. She lives in Malta under Humanitarian protection. After 4 years of occasional jobs, she saved enough money and decided to run her own business.

She had been a hair dresser in her country and chose to open a hair saloon. For her project, she rented a place previously occupied by a Maltese hairdresser who gave up the activity months ago.

Rose took over and bought all the tools used by the previous owner.
The inventory and the pricing were done on her absence, and because she was eager to start her business, and because she hired the previous owner as a trainer (paid) to gave hair lessons on the characteristics of European hair, because a friendly relationship had grew up between them, she paid without really checking the documents.

The truth came days after. She realized that she had been cheated when she finally had time to go through all the documents.

One amazing example: the scissors pictured were listened 18 euros. In any shop around, you will find them at a cost of 2 or 3 euros.
Rose has decided to take action to get her money back. “They hate us, but they steal our money” she said.

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