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” Some months after my arrival in Malta, i decided to watch exclusively american television, CNN, CBS, FOX News …online, where you can see Black men and women, taking actively part of the social debate, journalists, lawyers, students, activists, senators, housewives, opinionists, artists…This is the world i wish to leave in, this is what i wish to see in Malta, for its own moral development. There are hundreds of valuable black minds in this country, who are merely not given voice, a pity and a loss for the community. By watching US Television before getting out for my day; i empower myself against the stupid racist i will certainly meet somewhere, i nourish myself with the permanent knowledge of my personality, because, unfortunately, racists can do a big harm if you don’t know how to fight back. This is where education matters. Racists are usually  people full of any kind of complex, some have never gotten out of their little village,  they are full of frustrations of any kind, bitter, ignorant of their own History, happy to be able at last to give an “opinion”, while in the past, they were just mute because of the lack of the basic culture to hold a decent conversation. Immigrants here need to study Maltese History, but non only, they need to study as well the History of the migrations, of Maltese in Australia and in the UK, of Italians in America, in Germany and in Switzerland, of British in South Africa, India, and South America, of Americans in Iraq…They need to read Aimé Cesaire, Frantz Fanon, they need to know the damages of the colonialism and the benefits of The marshll Plan on postwar Europe etc… Regis, an African immigrant in Malta.

He was commenting on the upcoming event organised by Tony Tokunbo Fernandez.  (more details here)

The event will be host in Malta next February by African Media Association Malta:
22 December 2016
Nominations are invited for the AFRICA4U AWARDS FOR AFRICANS IN MALTA to be presented on 3 February 2017. Nominations can be for any African in Malta who for example has made some special contribution to society, or who has made some special achievement. There is no upper or lower age limit. Deadline for Nominations is noon on Friday 20 January 2017. Nominations should be sent by e-mail to africanmediamalta@gmail.com, copy to afripoet@gmail.com, stating, name of nominee, ID, country of origin, why they deserve an award (up to 300 words) and their contact details, also name of proposer.

About the organiser: https://afripoet.wordpress.com/about/

 Don’t miss this opportunity to become a success story for your community and for the society.

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