“Dignity is as important as food”

“Dignity is as important as food, We dehumanize people when we reduce them in a single thing: nobody is never just a refugee or an immigrant…

Let’s tell a different narrative …

Human History is a story of movement and mingling.

Let’us remind that the movement of human beings on earth is not new

Let us remember that we are not only bones and flesh, we are emotional beings, we all share a desire to be valued, a desire to matter.

When we speak of people who are in need, let us not speak only of what they need, but also of what they love, what wounds their pride, what they aspire to, what makes them laugh…Doing so, we are reminded how similar we are in the midst of our differences and we are better able to imagine ourselves in the same situation in those in need

Our humanity is that glowing center in all of us, it is what makes us speak up about an injustice, even when that injustice does not personally affect us…It is what makes us aware that we are better of if our fellow human beings are better of…”

You have read some picks from this 8 minutes video, it is the powerful speech given by the award winning Nigerian author Chimamanda, in New York some months ago, on the occasion of the World Humanitarian day 2016.
A must watch.


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