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Launching of the “Migrant Integration policy”

  migrant integration-EN Auberge d’Aragon, the 15 December 2017 are the location and date the government chose to launch its integration policy aimed at tackling the difficult issue  of integration of  migrants in the society. A Short document was produced and made available to the public . In its introduction, […]

“Slavery by trick”: is the conclusion of an asylum seeker, denouncing the asylum system in Malta. Watch the 2 minutes video below

Dustin( not his real name) suffers to see his two children carrying the burden of his life. Because he is a failed asylum seeker in Malta, his children, born in the country have inherited automatically the same  status. For them, it means automatic exclusion from the essential social services. A […]

African Economic Migration: What pushes Ghanaians away from their “safe” land?

This article was translated from french to english by DR Maria Grazia Grech Original version by Régine Psaila here Ghana in Africa is considered a model of political stability par exellence. Its history is similar to that of all African countries who underwent the yoke of colonial rule: it has had […]

Migration Media Award 2017: racconti migratori dalle eccellenze del giornalismo mediterraneo

Di Marilena Lovoi Nel suggestivo scenario dei Barrakka Gardens di Valletta, si è svolta nel pomeriggio del 14 giugno, la cerimonia di consegna premi per la prima edizione del Migration Media Award. “Le migrazioni nell’area Euro-mediterranea”, questo il tema focale del concorso giornalistico, che ha premiato le eccellenze di sedici […]

Alcohol and drug addictions among immigrants: a highway to hell

Article translated from french to English by Sophia Konovalova, student at The International Verdala School Malta. Original french version by Régine Psaila “Even stones would break in such conditions”. These are the words of Vanja Vajagic, commenting on the administrative requirements for migrants in Europe, and Malta in particular, to […]

Immigrants to African leaders: build a good economy for us, help us plan our future at home

By Régine Psaila African migrants face hardship all over Europe, either they are granted a refugee’s status or not. However, things can be a little more difficult for the so called “economic migrants” who are not considered “refugee” according to the official definition from the Geneva convention. Who are they? […]

“The government is to blame because it does not inform the Maltese on the reality of facts.”

Régine Psaila Watch the Video Multi-ethnicity is a reality in Malta. Sometimes biting. Among many issues, there is a recurrent one, which is the negative perception of Maltese towards African migrants, usual targets of hate speech and viewed as benefits-grabbers. A member of the newly formed Ghanaian community discussed the topic […]