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Migration Media Award 2017

By Régine Psaila Translated in English by Dr Maria Grazia Grech Valletta, the Maltese capital, hosted the Migration Media Award on the 14th of June. This is a prize given to different media covering migration. 36 journalists born or residents in regions bordering the Mediterranean Sea were given awards for […]

African Economic Migration: What pushes Ghanaians away from their “safe” land?

This article was translated from french to english by DR Maria Grazia Grech Original version by Régine Psaila here Ghana in Africa is considered a model of political stability par exellence. Its history is similar to that of all African countries who underwent the yoke of colonial rule: it has had […]

“The government is to blame because it does not inform the Maltese on the reality of facts.”

Régine Psaila Watch the Video Multi-ethnicity is a reality in Malta. Sometimes biting. Among many issues, there is a recurrent one, which is the negative perception of Maltese towards African migrants, usual targets of hate speech and viewed as benefits-grabbers. A member of the newly formed Ghanaian community discussed the topic […]