The project Migrant Skills register

The Migrant Skills Register is the pilot project of African Media Association Malta funded by the Small Initiatives Support Scheme  managed by The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector ( MCVS).

The project was created with the aim  of registering and storing in a database the skills of failed asylum seekers and putting them in contact with employers who need  those unused skills.  In Malta, this category of migrants has the right to work, while waiting for their deportation that rarely, if ever happens, due to the lack of cooperation with their countries of origin.

They are not allowed to register with Job Plus, the government run employment agency. However Maltese employers  need access to this potential work force as the human resources available in the local population cannot fulfil all the vacancies available in  the booming local  economy.

The One year project ended up in January 2017 with 247 registrations of migrants, In which 191 men and 56 women.

38 employers have been reached.

23% of Women, 77% of Men registered. 38 employers reached.



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