The project Migrant Skills register

The Migrant Skills Register is the pilot project of African Media Association Malta funded by the Small Initiatives Support Scheme  managed by The Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector ( MCVS).

The project was created with the aim  of registering and storing in a database the skills of failed asylum seekers and putting them in contact with employers who need  those unused skills.  In Malta, this category of migrants has the right to work, while waiting for their deportation that rarely, if ever happens, due to the lack of cooperation with their countries of origin.

The Failed asylum seekers are not allowed to register with Job Plus, the government run employment agency. However Maltese employers  need access to this potential work force as the human resources available in the local population cannot fulfil all the vacancies available in  the booming local  economy.

The One year project ended in January 2017 with 247 registrations of migrants, after which 191 men and 56 women enrolled.

38 employers have been reached.

Strategies and implementation

The project has been implemented thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers composed of students from Erasmus+, under the supervision and coordination of African Media project leaders.

Information sessions of soft skills were organized so as to enhance the employability of the job seekers.
A one-to-one skills assessment interview was conducted by project coordinators.

We interviewed an employer who accepted to share his experience of working with migrants.

Mr Abela, Head of the Medical Department at Tetrako, a Company that hired two candidates from our database, said: ” I have always opted for an international staff, not only because  of my experience working in Africa and in Asia, but also because  multiculturalism is an added value, both for the society and for the company.”
Mr Abela also called upon empathy as a reason to give a chance and an opportunity for those in need.

Tetrako went further than  just the employment of migrants, the company recently paid for the studies of one of the migrants who expressed the need to go back to school. He has just completed a course in Welding at MCAST ( Malta College of Arts Science and Technology) Malta.

Looking ahead

The Skills Register was a kick-off for a range of services linked to employment and communication that African Media aims to deliver to the Public and to its audience.

The work behind the official scene continues, Employers and job seekers can contact us.

Regine Psaila

23% of Women, 77% of Men registered. 38 employers reached.



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