“Slavery by trick”: is the conclusion of an asylum seeker, denouncing the asylum system in Malta. Watch the 2 minutes video below

Dustin( not his real name) suffers to see his two children carrying the burden of his life. Because he is a failed asylum seeker in Malta, his children, born in the country have inherited automatically the same  status.

For them, it means automatic exclusion from the essential social services.

A system that he denounces in the 2 minutes video below , stressing that he is been working legally and paying taxes for 7 years now, but he is locked in the country with no travel document:

“It is slavery by trick, not by force like in the past, it is by trick.  Let the world know.  In Malta, there is a slavery by trick…”

His worries have taken the shape of a powerless man who finds it difficult to explain to his 5 years old daughter why she cannot travel with her school abroad:

I don’t know if there is any God in this world. This is a Christian country, it is not an Arab country, it is a Christian  country, they are supposed to have sympathy for families…


Regine D. Psaila

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