African Media Association Malta was formed because a young Somali journalist arrived as refugee in Malta in 2014 and wanted to build a network of African journalists and activists in order to shape a valuable representation of African community in Malta. He left the country a year later to try different […]

“Africa’s poverty is much deeper than the World Bank likes to publicise”

The poverty of ordinary Africans is underreported and rising. The figures most widely cited are those from the World Bank, which states that the number of ‘extremely poor’ people in Africa has increased to 388 million now compared with 284 million in 1990 (although the percentage has fallen, from 56% […]

Achille Mbembe on how to restore the humanity stolen by racism

Achille Mbembe on how to restore the humanity stolen by racism Shutterstock Manosa Nthunya, University of the Witwatersrand African philosopher, Achille Mbembe, has gained an enviable reputation as a scholar that challenges the tenets of modernity. Some aspects of modernity Mbembe is known to challenge are characterised by the move […]

Inciting hostility against members of a particular faith cannot be accepted as legitimate!

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NGO Statement on the Magistrate’s Court judgement against Brandon Bartolo We, the undersigned non-governmental organisations, are gravely concerned by the decision of the Magistrate’s Court in the case against Brandon Bartolo. We feel it gives a message that it is not only an acceptable, but also a legitimate exercise of […]